the artist writes:

an exhibition in a vaulted

vienna cellar –

perhaps restored to a

coffee-house area

dating back since coffee

came to vienna thru’ the

fiendish turkish military offence

in the 18th century –

has been a successful venue


but now an area of a lonely


especially at present

when people are scared by

the spreading of this covid-


events published daily by all

media with emphasis

people in groups are limited

to numbers

impossible to organize

but the odd friend or known

person will trickle in

sharing the drawings and

paintings from the last years

of one’s ‘homecoming’

albeit disappointments of

hard work to establish oneself

as an artist

offering the fruit of one’s talents

solely asking for an appreciative


showing creativity at its best

and richest fantasy for an inside


will art survive with octogenarians

putting heart and soul into their

work of staying creative in the





One thought on “welcome

  1. fighting covid would mean strict hygenic and behavioral discipline of everybody. If you happen to live alone in the desert or in the dense woodlands, you are less concerned as we are, who congregate to our businesses and interests in cities.
    But then, a so-called: ‘homecoming’ has never been an easy event…

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