in today’s fast changing


of a race for existing/surviving/

breathing/a search for wholesome

affordable foodstuff/a hot meal

that won’t torpedo your savings/

it’s sunday’s rest

where you lick your wounds

caused by the uncompromising


to the vulnerable many/

the throw-away-attitude to the


who care for the environment and

also for their neighbours

especially in smaller communities

where open anger and heated


are defused quicker/ easier/ as one

depends on the goodwill of

community members

and it’s all possible to conduct

an individual-style living

with getting on/respect/a joke/one

good word/a greeting.

the writer observes and casts most

contemporaries into roles

for his stories/novels/memoires.

the poet goes beyond the surface

observations and he reflects in

layers of emotional depths.

the photographer seeks to catch

a still of a selected moment –

he’ll reflect his own responses to

a theme.

at some point they all will meet

in mind and soul.




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