it’s always hard to see

the purpose of

wilderness wandering

until it’s over/

featured quotation on a

mat bilen-film: ‘land of eos‘

led me further on

to think about my life

as a young man setting out

on a boat to afrique du sud

picturesque sailing along

a calm ‘med’-sea

thru’ the ‘pillars of hercules’

toward the exotic canary isles

to the port of

santa cruz de tenerife.

a car trip to mount teide

national park scenery

with local wine tasting and

sweet bananas for fruit

our taxi driver from cuba

did a great sightseeing tour

for a reasonable fee –

semi precious stone for

necklaces/Cuban cigars/

and for the final trip

some local crayfish

sampled at a seaside bar

a colourful parrot shrieking

and talking

rolling words off his fleshy


here at this volcanic island

where art and legends were

constantly created –

so the poet had also been

inspired to his poem:

‘the prince of the clouds’.


zoltanzelan zjg-poetry’20.

One thought on “prince

  1. sailing the med thru the ‘pillars of hercules’, one senses the deep-sea elements one is mercilessly subjected to. the beauty that lives with the beast inside. the poet escapes and enjoys his role as ‘prince of the clouds’.

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