like a sudden rush of blood

in the midst of daily
your face follows me
wherever i go
whatever i do
metamorphic images
of a fused triad/mind/
body/soul/bouquet of
in the heat of summer
a dense foliage that grows
a delicate roof over
a secretive place for
our tete-a-tete
where you’ll appear
french-blue flowing dress
sweet honeysuckle rose
botticello-locks of hair
shaping your curving
my eyes remodel your
sculpted bodylines
a sculptor’s palimpsest
memories of tender
the artist closed his eyes
in its soft reflections
you become alive for
a rush of blood
that shoot from head
to toes
an a sudden flash
at a prolonged play of
body/mind/and soul
in responses to your
sensual portrait
denuding me with your
hazel eyes
lay bare my intimate
longings/lewd thoughts/
flashfires /peaks.


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