carpe diem

once the morning completed

with good news at KO-hospital

about one’s state of health

the trip back a dance along

the transportation – railway of

state’s ÖBB

from KO to handelskai.

he decided to get off at the

station schwedenplatz

see if mr t has received some


he is expecting since days.

nothing there as he opens the

steel letter box

retrieves the remainder of the


place it on his friend’s table

upstairs in his flat.

the poet sunk a moment into

his world of remembrances

when he had found a personal


with a two-year-long stint of


in the city of owls

when love was still young

but time to enjoy it was

running out that fast.

carpe diem – she said

carpe diem.



One thought on “carpe diem

  1. what better news nowadays as having been medically confirmed to be in good health?
    ”art between lockdowns” has been attended by friends and associates who honoured the artist with their visit at zanoni& zanoni – cafe at the lugeck in vienna. the exhibition will go on until the 27. October 2020.
    poetry and art – the apollo frieze by zg.
    so this journal-poem emerged from retrieving mail for an absent friend. zjg.

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