vernissage: art between lockdowns

apollo phoebus

finally at 19:00

on the first day of october

the official opening –

vernissage of zg/artist/poet

took place at zanoni’s

amidst incongruities



even between people one

thought of as human beings/

friends –

the poet labelled: jealousy is

part of it!

it all was about lots of strength

outstanding efforts

tenacity to carry on

from april for many months

when –

and the moment of the first

visitors engraved in the artist’s

mind: A&S – what an entry!

great joy as mon appeared

then kirst – and the trickle would

carry on/ ing the warm georgian

woman/and finally oa/s featured

as a portrait on a central panel

most cherished first toss.

good times/inspired talks/interest

in the <apollo frieze/painting and


<the calcified remembrance>

most liked by friend mon.

enlightenment/anatomy/the good/

the bad/the beautiful.

vivid dialogue: oa/s and b.

from now onward:

the artist has emerged from his

recluse of writing about art

with paintings into vienna’s

open city/

art between lockdowns.

viva fine art and good friends.



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