the hedonist

what is it?

the artist wouldn’t explain

his art

but refer to aristotle instead:

‘it’s not what the aim of art is

to explain what you see on

the outward appearance of

things and subjects

but the inside significance.

you know from the movies

of stories about famous nudes

and their creators.

this one’s a sketch of a moment

expressing the innermost

stirrings of the artist

who fell in love with his female


that seemed to have come alive

thru’ one moment of coincidences

where all ingredients for a great

passion happen at an instant:

the lovers/the space/the envying

neighbours/the stealthy meeting/

most passionate encounters

on cat paws/whispers/the inner

explosion of not crying-out

at the point of orgasm –

all that in one painting

all that depicted with lines/colours/

and figures/well :

one aspect of an interpretation.




emerald green remembrance

the artist’s muse

who will appear

in most of his paintings

a seductress/spirited woman/

joyful dancer/modern styled

aphrodite/excellent lover/

and a poet in her own right

alluring in spirit and in soul

in body and in mind

a holistic all-rounded woman

whose feminine magic

captured men and women


beauty and brains combined

in a powerful cocktail inhaled

in this emerald joint

knocking down the artist

who handed over to her

his soul/spirit/heart and body

his poems/pens/books/records

and a dozen red roses.

if/she said/if they would have

met many more years before

they would have made children

love/love so powerful

never deserves to die.




soulmate’s hologram

(Part of ZJG’s poems about ZG’s paintings)

the artist touched the soul

of his muse

denuding her of many secrets

opening-up her mind of trust

laying bare moments of her

life that grow out of the dark

like a hologram

with colourful shapes of faces

persons who were surely

close to her

a fireball-head of a burning

love affair

the dark-purple feature of

a woman or man

not that easy to distinguish

in this panopticum of

three dimensional depictions

integrated at times

glowing-up as if turned-on

like a dimmer switch of

electrical light

turned down with one image

flowing seamlessly into another

most beautiful play of figures

in space

changing colour by magic

as if thru’ a looking glass.




i-portrait w.01

the artist’s friend studied

the painting for some time

detecting a face

closing up to another face

and he said that he liked

the couple

in this slightly off centre turn

to the right side

the artist smiled and asked

him to look at the work of

art more closely

take one colour at a time.

oh yes/he would exclaim

as he had discovered the

artist’s intention to show

another face from the right

fused its eye with the eye of

the blue woman

who is surprised at the attention

she suddenly receives from

both sides

the initial tension of a threesome

whereby two persons have

already melted into each other’s


the third person keen to join

into this ménage a trois.



spleen of love

blue man/bird-man in his

feather-embroidered wings

the cock of the walk

between his favourite women

embraced with fine slender

fingers/great bodylines of

a dusky-golden muse with

fire streaming from her belly

her fav leg supported on

the head of her indian

ancestor –

bells ringing/the music of

seduction playing/the drum

of life beating

the rhythm of life

in a round-dance

a roundabout of emotions and

freed minds –

love the greatest healer of

wounds and weary hurt

love the bridge across every

man-made obstacle.

love will achieve all.



purple poet

gentle brush strokes depict

on the painting

the poet’s state of innermost


half of the portrait’s left side

as if excitement will rush his

blood/lift him up to a tete-a-tete

with his beloved

at an intense moment of having

fallen in love/dreamy eyes/ but

then the right side where the

stirrings of love have petered

out –

the shards of remembrances

of a love that had been tragically

lost splinters his face

her dusky almond shaped eyes

drowned in the ink-blue sea

of sadness of shed tears of being

taken untimely from this world

of a few minutes if happiness

violence opposed to a happy glow

at the purple moment

the poet fused spiritually

with his muse.




hommage to a lyrical painter

the way you draw

and paint

that’s how I’d aim

to write:

at least for a start a few


one could turn-out

a wondrous reflection

the art selected from the

pool of the world-history

of art –

that endless louvre of all

collections combined

including your own

symbolistic art –

an amazing bedazzlement

of mind and soul

melting down of all

resistance to be seduced

and finally being taken

fish/hook/and sinker

into the artist’s wonderland

of eternal magic:

that’s how i try to illustrate

my feelings

where i’ll turn the written

words into a drawing/

a painting/a mixed media

piece of creation/

recalling the way you draw

and paint.





today’s artist has to be intrepid

when exhibiting his originals

in a public space. indeed!

‘Raubkunst’ – ‘Art-jacking’ is a

criminal act like any robbery is

handed down from the fascist


but also prevalent thru’ history.

instead of paying the artist’s due

he or she – messengers of the

gods –

kicked/beaten/destroyed in an act

of denunciation

by the perpetrator

for the benefit of an incognito



however/the artist has observed

with fright the development of

estranged attitudes toward art


an increase in disrespect and


jackers and rippers on the move

stay intrepid/artist




the meeting: 3. the interview

“it’s great what you’ve done

the past years” H said at the


before even the first impressions

of them had sunk into H studying

the exhibition of zg/

artist and poet/but as an artist

he recognized the works of

another artist immediately.

as they talked H switched on his

digital phone and recorded

zg’s talk

and his thoughts on his


and he explained to H his own

inspirations that led to its unique

creation in athens.

“this is superb” H said and carried

on recording ‘the meeting’.

since some tome the artists

hadn’t met

but then their life’s boats steered

into different directions.

“now then” H said “i will help you

to have a set of good pictures for

reproductions of your art.

“yes/i’d like to bring out a good set

of reference-photographs in book


to show my work when required.

H filmed with his high-resolution

handy while Z spoke

finally the owner got interested in

one of the paintings he referred to

as a watercolour

although Z mentioned mixed media

but essentially it was all water-based

media anyway.

however it’s thus amazing to hear

that paintings with any other media

than oils

are considered in the general

mainstream of opinions

are considered of less value

perhaps even in a world-city like

vienna –

knowledge about art is limited

to surface depictions and materials.

unlike aristotle already stated the

purpose and the aim of art

not to represent the outward

appearance of things

but their inner significance.

we find ourselves in the

21st century

still in a sea of deep ignorance.

for the artist/aristotle is the

take-off point for the departure

in creativity

understood and formulated.

the meeting.



the meeting: 2. day to meet

the temperatures cooled down

but life hasn’t yet

sleep was relaxing

the chance to use a room

in the city

close to the café salon

where the artist’s exhibition

takes place

in the core of the city of vienna.

well now H the artist’s friend

is keen to conduct an interview

he wishes to record.

well now – let’s see where we


where we start is important

the flow of interaction

the thoughts that come-up

about why we have been placed

into this position.

feelings of expectation –

small stones of a mosaic

to be set into the one great

artwork of life.

i hadn’t asked the question

would he be on time at all?

or – would he pitch-up at all?