she has a good eye for

poster design

besides the art of presentation

therefore she’ll be in a position

to criticise the artist/ the poet/

the designer/ the writer.

as she had woken the bard at

4:30 am –

he’ll splash water on his face

and settle down at his working


redo the intended invitations

until she’ll communicate

a successful way forward.

unfortunately – like everything else –

the word program has changed

and with it the way he used to be

quick with producing

well-designed pamphlets and

fliers about his latest work.

for now he’s adamant

to get his immediate circle of

friends and acquaintances


about his creative work.

perhaps something may come off it

maybe he’ll meet a sponsor

while his mind questions his efforts

for a public presentation.

yet – he always kept his humour

and he laughs out loud

recalling the joke about

“an Italian in malta”.




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