he and she

i have great charisma“ she said

and placed three photographs

on the poet’s desk –

one/ a woman with a winning


two/ a woman with an expressive


three/ a romantic look with flowing

hair across her face – a woman

you would fall in love with instantly.

“yes” – he said and scribbled into his


disappointed about the way

life had turned out for both of them.

she/ aspired to become a model

presenting hats and head-ware

he/ spirited to moving-up in the world

of design and art.

yet it had not materialized and while

she complains to have stayed on a

level of a charwoman –

and he – has transferred design and

construction into works of art

while searching for ways of


she – still dreams of finding some

occupation concerning with some

presentation of her fashion ideas

he – still hopes to gain recognition

for his art that’ll accompanies at

present all his publications.

he and she.



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