there are rules and regulations

for the public and for private


made up as we go along

there’s the law of causality

that may turn out great and

yet also could cause havoc in

our lives quite often –

then everybody concerned


bit so often its blows could have

been softened-up

if only everybody involved would

just talk to each other.

however/ flexible people could

endure more due to their

character taints

thru’ their focused motives.

the artist analyses intuitively along

the lines he’ll draw

around the colours he applies

the compositions emerging as he

strives along guided by the

stirring deep inside him.

the poet/ independent on the

time of day and night/

the lighting that pervades his


and shakes-up his writing mood

and pierces his inspiration

as there cannot be any prediction

like for voters behaviour at

election day but one thing:

the piece of creation only relies

on messages from within

the artist’s universal world:

love is the universe

the web its pulsing vein

where we’ll meet and touch

where our juices flow.




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