he takes time from more

writing and reads a book

about art and science

by eric kandel

waiting for his spouse

to arrive at their usual


a haunt for ice cream fans

and good viennese food

with a touch of Italian.

then/ as sunshine lures

to a nearby square

she’ll sit there to absorb

her daily dose of vitamin d

as she believes it

while he still rests his eyes

further more some pangs

of hunger

will lead them to the


close to st steven’s cathedral

where clatter of hooves in a

rhythmic arrival of coaches

entertains and soothes one’s

tested mind

while tourists keep the coaches

in continual movement

along predetermined routes –

it’s a well-known aspect of

old vienna’s core/ its heartbeat.

as the afternoon progresses

horses bray/ hooves are dancing/

visitors thinning out/

fiaker coachmen and woman

still worry.




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