about adam’s quotation

about adam‘s quotation

“to furnish the means of acquiring

knowledge is…

the greatest benefit that can be

conferred upon mankind.

it prolongs life itself and enlarges

the sphere of existence.”

this quotation/ 160 years back

has not yet percolated thru’ the

broad spectrum of present day

humans worldwide

albeit all modern digital tools to

acquire knowledge –

computer games are of a wondrous

entertainment value

but then – human conscious of

learning should be equally fun

and also a game for young and

also the elderly –

art/ ambience/ the views ahead

stem from the furnishing of means

of knowledge

to be acquired by us

as we are fortunate to have had

a few teachers we’d listened to

who pointed ahead the world

to excellence in the arts.

for now/ the artist’s mind on a

book on art by eric kandel

he saw for sale at leo’s

he hesitated to acquire

but he couldn’t’ get it out of his


it feels good in his hand and

the only copy in the sale-box

had been left for days now

for him to have and read.

whereto dear poet?

where will you proceed dear


if visitors for an exhibition

opening are restricted to

fifty persons?

waiting and drinking tea.

think about collating another

book with a cover of one of

your paintings:

short stories part 3

it’ll be a top-selling book in

your stable at bod-norderstedt.




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