waiting for the bus

at a temporary stop

next to the open door

that invites you to enter

into a place:

welcome to the limits of


in the city of saints

where people march-in

meet/ travel from and to/

health enthusiasts/ sporting

folk/ casual visitors meet

at this point of mobility’s

intersection as a base

no use of discussing matters

of a specific bus

one travelled on

as it comes up with a friend

who insisted

that she was ahead of her


who left her thirty minutes


and yet she arrived at the same

time at changeover station

to join the thru-bus

he was sitting on.

well – he said – she insisted

that i hide from her

where i come from.

she thought she noticed that

he came sitting on a bus

from the opposite direction

to hide from her meeting

somebody else.

“wow now” – his friend said

“she’ll need a shrink – as

pop-words go”

“yeah” he replied

“she always insists it’s me

who’ll need one.”

they both laughed.




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