fleeing forward – a rapid

movement invades my feet

and it even amazes my

spouse of endless years

that i gained such mobility

such strength in my legs

with twice her model-weight

“incredible” – she whispers

carrying on a monologue

i’ll hear still fourty feet passed

our open entrance door.

she’s hungry for fresh air and

opens windows wide

a sounding board for the


just as we hear them

otherwise communicating

with braised voices

even over a greater distance

today – my friend the dancer

said: i’ve shaved from top to


following a zen philosophy

but then

this sweetheart left me at a

sudden impulse

pretending an oncoming

headache – wow! just now!

he cried-out disappointed

when we were ready for love

with all signals on go?

damned! so he commenced

autoerotically. ah!

suddenly she returned again

all stirred-up…

“sorry” he sighed – it’s now

all done!”




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