“you have a blue eye”

she said

“oh i thought they both were

green/ brown specks

he replied

“seriously/ somebody hit you?”

“no – i would recall such an


“here is a mirror/ look.”

“i can’t see a thing. you must see

colours galore.”

“no/ i think you deny it/ keep

secrets from me…

is it over a woman?”

ha! ha! what is your imagination

doing to you?” he’s surprised.

“now put your new glasses on

and have another look.” she points

to the right eye of the poet

who cannot see anything blue

on his face or his skin.

he makes fun of her.

“ho! ho” – she imitates his laugh


“you wish to put me on and it

annoys me “ she repeats.

“ridiculous – he replies…

you make a scene for nothing.”

“you are aggressive and a denier

of facts.” she says aloud.

“indeed? i’m also no streetfighter!”

“go – and leave me now

i do not wish to travel home with

an aggressive man.”

“sure – good-bye.” he rises/ pays

the bill for a milk-shake and

ice cream

and leaves for the subway in a

disturbed mood.

no wonder his friend recommended

that she’d see a neurologist.




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