between lives

end of summer and

roadworks aren’t finished

in general –

people commute to work

rush to shop

look sheepishly at one

young people laugh

share cynical remarks

talk shop

play games on their mobile

phones –

life in the city has become

a hoarder of masked persons

less individual expressions

of style/ less affordable garb/

less visitors/shops close early/

healthy food is rare/

fatty and sugary stuff in huge

abundance/ open friendliness

is scarce/ a visible rise in

selfish behaviour.

roadworks everywhere.

the bus station at the node

of the City of Saints

had been moved further

adding awkward crossing

of roads and more distance

between connecting lines

narrow pavements can’t cope

with a two-way people stream

passed waiting passengers.

summer’s end/cool air invades/

between stations/ numbers/

between lives.



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