returning again for

a walk/ not directly/

searching for some

lost time/

at this grey cloud-covered

day/ when few will travel/

train/ bus/ subway/

except for the eco-tourist

who takes the gap

between lockdown and

the easing of pandemic


the fire’s gone –

an interesting experience

with gender turned women

perhaps the poet has more


sensitive to some layers

of bisexually oriented girls

and women.

the gobi-friend said:

see zeni. my mate –

they are often playing with

men they like

or are attracted to/ but then

having excited their

potential mate/ lay off

as rapidly as possible.

i know/ the poet replied

being sensual doesn’t mean

to be categorized

as a pure he or she

but at times/ just like anne/

they are afraid of commitment

to a man/ and flee for sex

with another woman.

indeed – gobi replied.

my girlfriend hated her

longing for another woman

she had to bear

as she had fallen completely

for a new distinguished man

in her later life

having abstained from sex

with her hubby for 17 years.

ohhm – the poet said

i guess i’ll soon near that

moment myself.

gobi laughed.

na! no way/ you are

a full-bloodied male.



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