jockeying for position

between tablets of friends

and handy gadgets of the

next generation

the poet has not found his

adequate space yet

has he not been accepted

as an equivalent help yet

by the secretary-crowd

but that’s also explanatory

as his help to a friend

has been looked upon as

a race/ jockeying for best


especially for the use of space

and a possible habitat for

the procurement of art

or an instant event search

for an ophthalmologic


where bodog roska could

heal mr t’s ailing retina –

so the article of a paper

features a world-renown


where are the days of

easy going

amidst a world passing

in the fast track?

all’s slowed down since

covid 19 attacked us

but let consciousness

evolve towards nature

badly treated for generation

after generation

now with a high-time of

renewed appreciation.




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