good riddens

you had to take a breather

waiting to change buses

you could sit on a bench

or wait in the ÖBB waiting

area of the train station.

here/ seats are available

come rain come shine

however –

along some walkways

around hamlets

benches were taken leave

or perhaps being repaired

or in the process of being


who knows.

however/ not everybody likes

closed in waiting rooms

at a train station

as odours could put you off.

but then the poet – his nose

exposed to the dry/dusty

african building sites –

with a handicapped sense

of smelling

has no problems waiting for

the bad weather to clear up

in a dry room that is even

more suitable for staying-in

than his humidity enveloped

bedsitter at a nearby hamlet.

could he be soon in a position

of saying good riddens to it?



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