bad weather

waschelwetter – bad weather

not yet cats and dogs rain

but enough to feel

deep longing for the

southern parts of europe’s

sun-drenched greek isles.

what an excellent choice!

though for now: warm smiles

from a poet’s dear muse

who enjoys her artistic

presentation –

wishing her good luck and

lots of commissions

while this artist still builds-up

a reputation

publishing his poetry

presenting his art on the covers

of his literary work

waschelwetter –  bad weather

the folk disperses quickly into

the pubs and coffee-joints

yet not that inductive for a


but for an illustrator

sketching-out the chatty folk.

waschelwetter –

small speakeasies are filled

to capacity

limited spaces saturated by

loud permanent warble.

the poet sits at the bar

observing the street thru’

a shopfront-window.




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