he had better days before

where matters of his concern

worked well like clockwork

but now in a sudden gust

of wind

thoughts were swept from

one important conversation

before taking shape

could have become an

important piece of art/

a beautiful sculpture

shaped by loving hands/

some important basis

that could bear the statue

of their dreams

poised to verify the union

of a woman and a man –

who were

once happily married

but then some traps laid

by her cunning sister

made her look guilty as hell.

trust lay broken

like a cup of fine porcelain

dropped to the tiled floor.

for years it meant sailing

in troubled waters

visits to foreign shores/

pyramids/ nefertari’s tomb/

palestine/ Israel –

bethelehem/ negev/ jericho/

akko/ artists & archeologists/

soldiers and religious folk/

antiquities and minimalist


like life’s ups and downs/

the forward/ the sideway

sways/ in midst st stephen’s

square vienna/

the horse and carriage ride

has woken to new life.

six years of compression –

this life in close vicinity to

vienna/ derision/ ignorance/

badly managed properties

for rent

will drive the tenants toward

the danube

to float down in search for

new opportunities in the

city of music

as known until recently.




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