in midst of a sea of faces

one that draws your attention

a steel pin flung to a magnet

impossible to escape this attraction

and all to do with chemistry –

science tells you.

in midst of checking mail

one letter will stick out like a snap

and endeavour with mastering

of words on a daily routine

you are already trapped-in the

tender communication

the power of words will tell you.

in midst of thoughts

about art and sophisticated

aesthetical considerations

she’ll stick out in a flash

with her hazel eyes/straw hat

presented as a lady in French blue

fine-boned fingers of an artist

an elegant appearance

beguiling smile. snap.

your admiring soul

caught in the tender trap

like the paradisiacal bird

she paints on ivory wood

a part of paradise lost

sensitively caught with pencil

and brush

on an interior reflection of

her innermost responses in

her fingers.

your fired-up soul tells you.




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