slithers of light

thru‘ the windows  of the

subway/ danube channel’s

explosion in graffiti-art

along the city’s local beaches

chilling point for the younger


mozart’s coiffeur/ manuel and

Sonja – the team of today’s

‘hoaschneida’ art conscious –

exhibit also the artist zg.

zanoni – ice cream king

not yet allowed to let groups

of people into their famous

cellar congregation hall people

gather at lugeck-terrace for

ice cream/ coffee/ toast & tea.

zg’s art has to become ice in

the august heat

and on top being edible.

point of intellectual departure

at el gaucho where different

types of art are talked about

especially about basic desires

in people/ instant gratification/

age of delusions/ fake news/

continual sorting out of info/

suffering not only of artists

but whole economies

save for the egg-heads bright

investments glowing for the

visitors in the first rows of this

theatre of masks

perhaps that’s why dope-kings


yet good moments to get acquainted

with the players of district three

especially when living at the edge

of society multinational.




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