shifting brains

don’t get worked-up

by either friend or spouse

associates or the brainless


shift brains –

the artist in ‘painter’s key’


it’s not new to me when in

the artist’s mood

but i became conscious

having done it all my life

whenever i draw/paint/

or compose a poem/ write

a short story/ or work as if

possessed by an angel or


from one stage to another

from one level to the next

i often wondered how many

levels there could be.

perhaps i had a pretty deep

going on a few levels

in my hey-days of 2012

but whatever level you may

come to visit

the one that possesses you


is the one you seek as a writer/

a poet/ a painter.

the moment you are shifting


there’s a journey you’ll be

fascinated with

and every time of coming out

of it

it’s like dying a bit

just like ‘petite mort’ as the

french say to a physical climax

in love/

inspired writing/poetry concepts/

drawings and paintings will be

like never before.

‘shifting brains’.



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