the poet wanders

along a new-found trail

in midst of humid air and

paths inundated by water

stepping on soft ground

clay and mud.

a way forward from the dusky

woods into the sunlit lawns

of emerald grass meadows

looked after by a man from

a nearby tavern.

it’s high time he’d pay him

a visit – but he never does

in the fever of fast walking

onto the next open spaces

with some tables and benches

where a cup of lemon tea will

quench the thirst at four pm.

the weather turned out to

stay just fine

and there’s a pathway down

to weidling – he muses –

why did he not make more

with his life than spend half-days

scaling the wooden heights

and have a casual chat to some

folk who cross his path:

a man of his age with a brand

new nikon he has no idea how

to use successfully.

A young well-shaped chick

With two men visiting this pub –

‘häuserl am roan’ and a woman

who sinks exhausted onto the

next available bench

outside the inn’s terrace.

on his way back the poet has

to slow down/ it’s age / fighting

one’s demons/ success and failure/

pretty women and unhappy days/

next stop a change of direction?/

just as the six approach paths to

popular jägerwiese/ hermannskogel/





One thought on “walk/sleep/write

  1. connection to nature through wandering through its gardens and wooded areas are extending on any creative undertaking by the ártist. you may ignore it/ consider it an old-fashioned view/ you may think being drunk is all encompassing- for it brings out the rude truth/ but you’ll never beat nature as the greatest creative partner to life in art. zjg.

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