you are in the league

of lucky people

if you have but one

good friend.

i do not mean friends

you’ll make casually

day by day

or good neighbourly

but somebody there

for you at all times

never shies from any


and we wouldn’t talk of

bringing the skies down

or turn around injustice

around the world

with one single action

following your thoughts

or at the snap of a finger

but we talk about

a continual hanging-on


consensus about most

important matters of

the heart/ soul/ and

actions without words

just like songs without

words/ you’ll feel even

more intensely

when friends meet online/

in every day’s life/

listen to the partner’s need

wishes and actions for

his/her happiness

enjoying each other’s


share disappointments/

pull each other up/

but you’ll all know this

about an ageing poet’s

musings and writes

regular postings as his

time will allow

or as it’ll shrink

even writing/ typing

takes now longer –

but thoughts about life

and living turned sudden

to be crystal clear

all his friends love clarity

he himself loves

sun’s unbridled clarity.




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