every morn’

every morn‘ gym through

fetching purified water from

the shower head filtered thru’

pebbles like in nature’s pools.

ever sunday morn’ additionally

clean the woodlam floor

that attracts dust like steel shards

to a magnet –

in between brew sencha tea

then clean small-sized carpets-

if you haven’t encountered yet


this’ there the poet exists not

only between his stanzas

but also between noises from

neighbours getting up from

le weekend-celebrations

besides one’s spouse who

enjoys the nagging game

pain in the poet’s right hand

operated on a week ago on

carpel-tunnel syndrome

swooshing cars on main road

sixty yards up from the split

gravel yard

where kids enjoy bike riding

with slides of split flying into

our one step lower ground floor

bedroom sitter

more swooshing cars pass nearer

to lunchtime

hurry to die –

birds have stopped warbling

people freak out behind their

masked faces

the poet writes in spite

every morn’

enjoy your day.



One thought on “every morn’

  1. poetry – part of art – will be part of a process. It’ll grows often like strange fruit in between a thistle field of trivialities/ everyday wrangles/ carving out an existence of survival where most of one’s energies are channeled into creativity. zjg.

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