chemistry & passion

chemistry & passion

to fall in love over one creative

craft product

sold by the hungry artist

who was there to help her

overcome sadness and depression

an artist knows intuitively lots

and lots about. indeed!

to be committed to sexual love

the artist overpowered by one

decisive oral event

to be his culminating first

be laid like a man

developing a taste for it

apply it later to another woman

as it’s chemistry & passion.

the caring man who placed his

his young wife into his pocket

of course couldn’t keep her there

triangulations seek their victims

for instance: a doc’s prerogative

to fall for his patients?

whatever – man or protector

cannot stop love

in a love triangle one corner loses

or perhaps two will fold

losses are irretrievable

even if an artist will create works

of great art – through pain

a great part of the soul has just

drawn back into its carapace


like a crab into its newfound


shell/ carapace/ protection/

pain forever

chemistry & passion.



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