magenta of her lips

get things done

let’s do it

no haste no speed

just a steady forward

will get you there

this july sun emblazons

the acrylic blue paint

on your awareness

this day – feel of a holiday

without traveling far –

it’s in you

deep like the ocean

pebble art


happy dialogue

a worrisome twosome

that couldn’t develop

although taken off in

a gentle flight above

the ancient city

minions as executors

undermining all

individual free thinking

laying traps

unsuccessful flying above

covered-up heads

virtuous knights of word


great spirit of will-bashing

dense thistle woods

turquoise plastic for pools

blue grass for smoking

yet the glow of magenta

from disappointed lips

let the sun tracks of his


leave behind gentlest of

petting marks

a Muse may feel.




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