how often on life

have you found out about

trusting somebody

you thought to have met a new


or a person seemingly trustworthy

becoming a friend

often you’ve distrusted at first

or having abandoned the feeling

of distrust

just like you couldn’t carry on

distrusting everybody and stay

a human being.

bam! circumstantial talk around

issues of help

alerted your gutfeel

and surely as god created green


the attractive shell brings out

one hidden worm at first bite.

your self-appointed managing

friend had with certainty

arranged to purloin one of your

valuable creative work. damned!

your brain immediately works

on two possible suspects

who surrounded your daily moves

and knew your regular habits.

after you’ve cracked the case

there’s no more trust

you are treading with caution.

purloin: Mel in athens a catastrophe

the third man emerging from

vienna’s misty ambience.

not even in the artist’s entire life

such a disaster has happened

in un-united europe.




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