thistle beauty

there are city trails

that inspire:

lakes/ woods/ mountains

some only accessible at its base

with a private vehicle.

yet to see vienna’s periphery

you have to walk all walks

designed to give the wanderer

a well-rounded impression of

the area concerned.

this time the city’s tenth walk

is called: breitenlee.

its path leading out of a

spread-out village

to nearby recreational areas

past small settlements

small areas of forestation

green fields/ high grass/nature


a stud farm with healthy looking


more high grown thistle along

the embankments of the

northern bypass-motorway.

having lost sight of one signpost

perhaps forgotten to replace

after building operations

the poet lost his way

but passed a huge piece of land

prepared with extensive fresh

lettuce planting by machines.

his compass showed him the

correct direction back.

finally some wind-power masts

were good position markers.

passing the stud farm before

reminded him suddenly of

a jolly fast ride on a retired

race horse he couldn’t control

inexperienced his foot slid from

the stirrup and he lost balance

rolling from the horse like an

indian/ seen in the movies.

damned! Fell on a hard place

causing him concussions.

besides he noticed details of

flowering thistle

natures great ingenious design

but a lack of benches to rest.

great thirst to be quenched

he found the only village pub

on his final hundred metres to

the end of trail ten

the terrace/ overhung with

wine leaves/ populated

to the last seat by locals for

a Sunday luncheon

at the pub inside the most

sought after beers: Zwettler

cool/ fine foam/ delicious

nectar from the barrel of the

gods/ mhh/ prost.



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