the poet had lost the edge

of instant communication

back in times of guns & roses

in gauteng – land of pioneers

afrique du sud.

ten years later on a Wednesday

morn he steps out into a day

emptied of people and deer

lack of empathy and respect

but just don’t take it too hard

on this Weidlingbach trail

try a new one to the world

of Wienerwald inns

thistle’s lush showing harbours

emerald lacquer-finished beetles

sucking sweet-rotten scent.

hinterweidling’s houses lie

already deeply embedded in

the lush green overgrown

valley below –

what trail is this?

marked as a red one

steep like the man who forged

it out of nature –

smooth silken barks of beech

huggable –

roots like steps across the path

pause the hard walk-up

look into the crowns of brother

and sister trees converging.

have you pal tattooed your

fav tree? Wounds heal but

scars remain.

life & death in nature will

confront you fellow wanderer

truth-seeker/ mind cleanser

habsburgwarte/ charming couple

from barcelona in casual talk

comparing notes

poet and teachers

back to brunnstubenweg/


all’s in flux.



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