paradise lost

paradise lost

sexy movie that’s French/

the coiffeur’s vaulted place

where already mozart has

been attended to his curls/

the artist’s paintings hung

very soon on a stark white

wall south-east agreeing with

feng shui/

lost paradise depicted with

the art of artist zg/

manuel the artist of hair will

arrange and honour/

it’s not covid 19 that separates

people through regualtions

but ignorance for genuine art/

does your art smell good?

like freshly baked croissants

at the U4 bakery close by?

like a fresh shirt or underwear?

hey artist zg/

does your carpel syndrome

hinder your freely moving brush

or pencil/ gel-pen/ your slider

visoglide/ your intensely burn

of rendering?

you’ve searched for a used copy

of blumenberg’s biography

extend the imprisoned horizon

increase the hills at the bed-sitter

until a mountain will squash us


but on the faces a smile of knowing

will remain

in this 34 m2 temporary home

where most furniture belongs to

the awkward landlord

but all paintings and books are

zg’s and he shares them with all

his muses and art-interested/

his heart though has flown to the

aegean isles/

the soul of his art reflects what has

been a colourful love/

cat-sighs from the barn of an imago

a woman looking like mom

locked-up by a stepfather’s bad


and lucy/ like anne/ feels sensuous

without a top

touches herself with the pot’s hands

whose mind is afloat in the nearby


his dangling feet extended like

spindly sculptures

cannot tap into the sane water


he’ll run south from an infernal

fire that rages within his carapace

and has gutted all his physical


his mind survived

thanks to the cooling brook.

most of his senses still alive/

paradise though lost.



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