no better day than this

albeit some necessary errands

walked vivenot-weg weidling/

a few times

back and forth to dr w’s surgery

certifying him that I’m still alive

required by law for Sanlam in

Cape Town – Afrique du sud –

for receipt of a tiny pension that’ll

accumulate just slowly in a bank

in Gauteng –

I cannot receive in Austria.

hah! What do you think? I have

worked hard as an architect in

a country that treats a gentle poet

for his income so unkindly?

Carl – my engineer-friend I worked

many projects with – meant

I should use it for a return-trip one

sweet summers day, when the cold

northern winds hit central europe.

well –

of course he has a point. I will.

only it’ll take many years to save-up

airfares/ accommodation/ transport/

flowers for the ladies/ presents for

the tour guide / lunches for a

reunion celebration – perhaps it’ll

need another ten visits to dr w’s

surgery along vivenot-weg 

who knows if we’ll be still in a

reasonable condition and blessed

with the spirit of adventure. life.


for now in central europe it’s a

see-saw adventure with obligatory

masks in öffis/ doc’s surgeries/

hospitals – scientifically not proven

to protect that much – but you’ll

know that by now…

the poet takes his Nordic walking

gear and gazes at nature:

indeed/ how beautiful it clothes

itself every year without the services

of a fashion designer. Think of it!

lush variations of green/ blue/ the

poison yellow variations/

it’s soothing to our eyes and you

may touch it all without being

reprimanded to pay a fee – feeling

like a human being again – unbridled.

listen to the ‘Tree of Life’ presentation

well intonated by Klaus Maria Brandauer

famous Austrian actor and director.

all happening ‘Am Himmel’ –

near paradise/ skies above Vienna.

heaven or life?




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