first time: jägerwiese again

after one year

the poet felt again

well-recovered from his

knee-joint operation

to take on k j grünberger-weg

and make jägerwiese in ¾ hours

from home in picturesque old


he was to be soon in form again

continuing to former cobenzl

the count’s super-positioned

castle/ winery/ and restaurant

at present under a renovation

and reconstruction contract

for coffee and cake at spectacular

views on vienna.

nearby the trail leads to a place

called ‘am himmel’ – near heaven

where you may hear something

about your respective tree of life

related to your date of birth.

helicopter circling is unusual

the police units were searching

for a missing child

perhaps from the nearby school?

down the gspöttgraben to old

sievering’s historical village

meeting a young girl who walked

from döbling to here – good going.

she told me about even narrower

city roads in perchtoldsdorf.

take the bus 39a and change over at

heiligenstadt to the 400 bus to


a great first time round tour

many more to happen soon.



jägerwiese vienna woods


One thought on “first time: jägerwiese again

  1. the walk through the woods from weidling up to the meadows, is a wondrous experience, especially after a break of one year. The terrace of the pub is again open.

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