a new day

a fish-woman

within some glorious


a cold breeze penetrates

tee shirt/ shorts

whorls-up a silent protest

on the skin

hair curls up

a gnarling dog stirred-up

‘but what’s this commotion?’

the guard dog of the soul

a fierce looking worrier

with a defending stance

will immediately react

while the poet shifts in his

worn out seat at the Comm’s


sipping his early morning tea

‘all’s quite well –

Fish-Woman of first thoughts

slides about in the sea of

history’s abundant extensions

filled with Water-Art exhibits

the artist dunks his brush into

renders the footprint of his

delicate being.

slow motion renders the

forecourt of his mind

coated in arctic-white clarity.

Art & Words –

a most wondrous portrait will

emerge –

a pretty flower opens its petals

for a new day

and life goes on

in serenest harmony. Water Art


a new day.



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