at 4pm the lights

have been off

all of a sudden

all over our block –

I was told when still

working at my laptop –

only then I noticed

I was on battery-mode


immediately I thought:

the fridge! stocked-up

only yesterday!

light-up the gas-cooker

warm-up lunch over

evaporative steam

cool it down

gave B the melon

eat some berries and


sat then read artmann’s

book on Vienna

before the sky’s dimmer

switch of dusk turned

its universal dial.

Lit a candle placed into

a glass with a motive:

secrets of raphael’s angels –

ok – I’m content with angels

and muses –

then cannot follow-up

sending anna some poetry

or a drawing –

hope not to be misunderstood.

are there still stealthy

get-togethers liked by artists?

Sure – my gutfeel trumpets

But I only asked for piano.

angels.slegna –




One thought on “blackout

  1. Even at times in a world-city, a blackout happens and stays at first undetected due to natural light in late afternoons. Fortunately for emergency actions, even at leisure, a pleasant evening is still a great gift. zjg

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