A beautiful day with the sun


disturbed like a shining artist

by curtains of clouds

drawn close by jealous forces

moving rapidly towards the

famous Kahlenberg mountain

the muggy air suggests a storm

will be arriving here soon

but Superman Nature decides

otherwise – by the drop of a hat

let a few huge drops of heavenly

water graze our heated faces.

The drops are a welcome warm

shower for the poet on foot

to collect a gas cooker for heating-up

some charcoal cubes that should

burn in a metal vessel some cleansing

incense/ refresh our clothing.

the woods nearby

The dew aplenty.

The drying up so slow.

For nourishment : a selection

of colourful berries / blue/ red/

amber/ green speckled.

For the soul: Poetry that moves

and stirs up once’s skin.

Skin stirer.



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