Opera Cafe

You can’t write like before: PITOI –

Poetry in Times of Isolation –

as it is now with half-half measures

in limbo – many still wear masks


However / In bus & train/ tram and

subway – we call here: THE ÖFFIS –

it’s still obligatory and punishable

as papers state some unheroic cases.

Fear has been the strongest tool

in manipulating the people / but then

so was good dictatorship ruling to

their benefit.

there’s a fine line between wise and mad

as well between laws for the benefit of

people / or for the manipulators.

however/ the poet commutes to town

not for pleasure but for the prospect

of staging a possible presentation and

who knows one of these rainy summer’s

days it might be happening – what did

the young upcoming director of artistic

movies say? It’ll be successful or a flop.

For now a good-bye drink at the Opera Cafe

Cafe de’l Opera Vienne / OH what a great loss

It’ll be if their doors will close forever

by morrow.

Until then – cheers!




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