Morn’ Eight

Morn’ eight: she urged me to clean our

Bedsitter flat in Weidling.

“Don’t go walking before!” She insisted.

Well/ It’s my duty this month of June

To work up an anger toward dust/ grime/

Polluted air

Finished by nine donned gear quickly

Scratched the corner at Vivenot Bridge

Nordic Walking rhythm keeps me going

For miles/ I thought.

But then/ Will not overdo it after one year

Of a brake

Nursing my bionic knee joint.

Yet/ Enthusiasm is all that counts

For now to find a location in Kierling.

A quick descent down the city’s business

District towards the road to the ferry boat.

The access road is not very interesting

But OK for tagging along and improve

Your walking technique.

On arrival at the ‘Ufer Café’ with its steel

Sculptures by an artist

Decorated with strong red rust

The view towards Korneuburg across the

River Danube is sitting well on one’s

Tested mind.

The boat arrives and cars and people with

Bikes move on and leave to the other side

Of this unusual spot

While I consider to walk next time from

Weidling to here/ take the boat and head

For a check-up at the hospital.

Back along the Danube’s eastern flow

The wind increased blowing my hair

Like a sail. There/ A spot to rest/ drink tea

Watch the boats go by and dream about

The Danube-elfin to meet perhaps one day.

Change to a long sleeved shirt at a tree-seat

Pick-up a hand sized stone/ well rounded flat

I’ll use as a paper weight/ I mused.

Sitting at the bus stop/ resting after three

Hours of good walking/ time to have

Something wholesome to eat.




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