Evila in Med’s Blue


Lost in gardens

Of mountainous

Pink Floyd music

King of Ice’s magical

Crystallized life-scapes

The poet’s soul froze in.

From white stark and

Icicle wonders

There’s a long walk to


Ithaka’s bird-woman

Once a beloved calypso

The wanderer learned

To love.

Now past seventeen years

Don’t fear the Lystrygonians/


Wild Poseidon/

Float on your belief of the

Med’s Blue.

Athens’s Zappeion’s green

Patch of heavenly relief –

Athena’s Delta –

Between Lycobettus and

The ‘Sacred Rock’.

Karpathos-flight to Olymbos

Kriti of Fate as for the poet’s

Roots near Heraklion.

Karpathos of peace reflected

As an act of faith.

Zakynthos of wondrous

Woman in an olive groove

Anna’s overlays of silken

Dragonfly wings

Colours this genuine artist

Will subconsciously planting

Like the poet’s words

With trees designed as being

Once originating from ONE

Olive tree.

Tree of love

Love is Art.

Where hearts always grow…



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