The rainy night behind

The push-down weight of

A low atmospheric pressure

System fell down like an

Eiderdown blanket

The poet’s head rested on

His desk for a minute sleep

Perhaps many minutes.

There are now more limits to

One’s willingness of fighting

For a return to a creative

State of being

Commanded by an inner

Stirring for completeness

In mind and soul.

The stirrings of the body’s

Desires for a tactile embrace

Bodies on fire ever be shared

Any other way

Than be absorbed as the

Ejaculation of words on

White unruled pages of the

Poet’s journal poetry?

No wonder

Artist Zoran talks of the

Completion of a successful

Creative work as the artist’s

Most satisfactory climax.


Well. This artist & poet would


As that is an incomplete state

Of emotion

Which will only satisfy the artist

If his Muse will be a part of it.

However and in what form

A build-up of mind/ body/ and

Soul would be leading to the

Completion of a sacred triad

In physio-psychic emotions

The mind will ultimately be

Overpowered with a true and

Genuine orgasm.




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