The poet had taken leave

To slip into his artist friend’s

Intimate role

Feel a genuine independence

From avoiding heavy financing


Enormous pecuniary obligations

To have to pay for an exhibition

Perhaps a handful of friends

A few gallery-ravens would

Pitch-up at the opening. HM?

But then to find an apparent

Person, an artist, a good man,

As many call themselves to be

Who are indeed hard to find

Perhaps the artist trusted

Referred to by a family member

A friend of a friend

An irate Muse –

The artist had tried in his delicate

Age of advanced time

Fulfilling his journey for the

Dreamland space to hang his

Fabulous works of art –

The dreamlike cavern suited to

His art closed up due to leakage

A human catastrophe –

“Why do you punish me, God of

The arts? Have I not hung your

Image high?” He shouted.

“Has not Poseidon punished Odysseus?

But then this artist hasn’t killed any

Trojans and hasn’t plundered the city’s


Yet the artist felt the pressure of an

Enormous potential threat of utter


Not only for his art

But for all cultural inheritance.

The poet listens to the evolving

News clips, reports, lies and urban

Legends spinning around.

Huysmans/ Wilde/ Proust?

History like literature repeating itself.

The Slip –

Poet – living  as an artist for a while?



ART will evolve with the poet’s other half.

One thought on “THE SLIP

  1. My Arts&Crafts-neighbour just told me that this journal-poem entry symbolizes nowadays happenings in the art-world.
    The poet has been supporting all arts and perimeter areas of art-related happenings and will continue his support in his recurring blogs.

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