Wepos & Teapot

The bus 400 is empty

Saturday morn‘

The driver directs a confused

Woman to find the door’s

Access button

‚You have to press it‘

He says, opening the door.

‚I was searching for it‘ the

Woman replies.

The poet hast o find the

Wepos cleanerfor the

Wood-laminated floor

Traveling to Kagran for it.

B wishes that he should buy

All remaining bottles, due to

Gross shortages in the near


The poet thinks that five

Bottles should last them

For a whole year.

What about my teapot?

The poet muses as he

Endevours on another

Journey to the end of the

South-eastern suburbia.

B said why to travel so far

Just for a teapot.

I also wish to save about

Ten bucks on that offer

Just like traveling to hornbach

And get the wepos cleane

But save the delivery costs!




One thought on “Wepos & Teapot

  1. in times of Covid 19, when the world in general changes, so does Vienna in particular, as I was perhaps fortunately making use of a compatriot return scheme. However, I have felt strange at the start and only slowly could adapt to this life completely strange to me, having lived in relatively great freedom in South Africa and Greece.
    Now, as I have found freedom in expressing myself through Journal-poetry and drawing and painting, I will distribute samples of my art on the covers of my self-published books I create with BoD-Books on DEmand Publishers. Enjoy! zz

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