Pearl Morning

Sliding into a waking morn‘

With a tactile presence of

An intimate dream

When the body’s stretch feels

Pulled into pleasure’s

Breaking point –

A voice whispered love-words

With your warm whiff

Across my lips

Your hands that open my

Zipped top

And arouse my chest’s

Pointed nipples

Down to my hips

Build desire in my cock –

And I wake happy to this

Embrace of love’s waft

That exposes my hardness

And watch my cranium pulse

Toward your lips

The point of a pearl’s glistening

On my reddened meatus –

A delicate drop of pleasure

Before a prepared come-

A well built-up come

To be verified with a woman

Of note

Someone special within her

Complex nature

The artist had a spiritual

Calling with –

Two years in a steady  growing


The souls were wound together 

By probing desires

A to and fro

Of the long testing of love

Until – on the poet’s birthday

The pleasure-pearl present

For his Muse. Muse

Signalled time-up fort the

Great coming.

Coming together.




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