‚How do you do Pierre?‘

‚Well, I sit on the terrace

In the outside Chilai

No waiter

No people

It’s depressing…‘

‚OK-I’ll come and meet you

But you pay the penalties…‘

He laughs as he had suggested

The same to me –

OK. It’s great to laugh with

A friend

In times of crass isolation.

The city’s closed up 95%

Our favourite cafes are in


Save for one spot at the cafe’s

Forecourt- breaking the law…

For Pierre it meant to celebrate

My birthday is important.


Dry sparkling wine and some

Delicious biscuits with it.

Thanks ny friend, I’m touched!

For a present he hands me a

White PI-envelope with

A PI-designed foulard!

What colours…my favourites…

Immediately it’ll rest around

My neck! Featherlight silk

For the gods of design…

We change seats to face the

Sunrays a light.grey dust-cloud

Still allows to pass through.

Then again bck into the

Empty roads

Passed deserted shops

But at Billa Corso still a chance

To buy some groceries.

Ciao! Salu Pierre!

Thanks fort he great day!



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