Dr Leg

It’s most efficient

To write with an ink pen

But not with the untrained

Left hand

Perhaps with both hands

Equally if possible

Given a handicap with

A carpal-tunnel-syndrome.

The frie3ndly tech-person

At the Neurologist’s office

Explains some hazards

Of her profession

When she applies an

Electrical point to my arm

Measuring the main nerve’s

Transmittal responses.

The poet still hopes to have

A surgical procedure soon

Once the covid19 pandemic

Has subsided and op’s are

Again performed.

So, my friends and artists

Be patient with me

As I am trying to catch-up

On my publishings again.

Be well and take good care

And read also my books

At BoD-Books on Demand


ZJ GALOS- author at the


Thanks to Dr Leg! VIVA.



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