If time cannot be stopped

So I can’t be

That’s irreversible.

The Mind races ahead

Willpower makes me go

But equally so – my friend

Pierre’s unwavering support

Not even a hospital stay

Would keep him away from

Helping me to get my

Art-show on the road.

He likes my art and

Cares about my artistic


Being himself a maestro

For haute-couture.

Yet at the start of my

First Viennese presentation

This spiked-pinball virus

Has terrorized us all

Turning the world upside-


So, here I stand at the

Bus stop in Weidling with

Hope to succeed eventually

Not only for myself

But all together in our

Efforts to break this

Covid-wall for good

Supporting each other

We will, I believe

Forward with our artistic






There are tensions due to atmospheric


Adding up to a pandemic Covid 19

Besides the poet is continually interrupted

By his spouse of 51 years with complaining


But fleeing into his world of Journal-poetry

And unbridled imagination.

It seems that one email sent has awakened

His Muse’s erotic presence

Responding to him

Stirs his immediate physical reactions of

Intimacy with her

With fast oncoming pleasurable feelings

From Nipple to Penis


Such an instant climax he had been given

By her as a gift to relax

And ride on the crest of his creative wave.





He lives in seclusion

As far as his novel-writing

Is concerned

Though as a poet he listens

To the world

Its political chaos and the

Inhuman conditions –

Even apartheid wasn’t so bad

Compared –

As present dealings by the

One percent on top of the

Ruling economic pyramid.

He watches London Real-

Talk-The real Brian Rose

And DR Bergman’s investigation

Into the so-called

Covid 19 pandemic – a gross

Accentuated statistical error?


All’s behind a cloak of

Conspiratory assumptions?

The world awaits the truth

But WikiLeaks has been killed.

The poet in dialogue with his

Sensual spouse

His loyal friends

Artists and Freethinkers.

He’ll be busy publishing his

Newly edited and updated books

Reflecting reality in fable

And in transfigurations.




His Words to the World

His last visit to historic Vienna’s

Town centre

With empty streets

Closed eateries and cafes

Art exhibitions closed

The buzzing atmosphere of living

Wiped out by a pandemic


Coronavirus-hysteria has gripped

Also the hamlet of Weidling

Town and country

With daily reports worldwide.

Fear of failure of one’s personal

Immunity to this spiked pin ball


Keeps people off the streets

Yet a poet is used to work in a

Solitary mode

Never bored in his creative mood

Preparing his work for publishing

In continuity-mode

His artistic calling backed by his


Thanks for electronic means of

Communicating his ideas and

Writings to the people who’ll

Distribute it to the world.




In the spring’s morning mist

A lovely woman dances along

A clearing among a birch tree


Near a gentle waterfall.

The poet denuded by her erotic


Stops gape-mouthed at her

Seductive moves…

Satie’s music comes to mind.

A shortened video sketch

Emerges at last

From common endeavours

Of artist and writer:

In the times of a renewed spring

Marred by a virus-pandemic’s

Negativism clouding brains

Shrunk to a size of koala bears’

No. Think. Look around. Find

The truth. Rebel. Break thru’

The loud-soaked wall.

Don’t be fooled.

Stem against the poison flood.

Flush out your congested

Water taps

Clean the cobwebs on your

Mind’s monitors.




ZG and his Passions

To all my readers and friends:

A video by Radovan Grahovec, in an interview with Zoltan Galos artist & poet, aka. zoltanzelan. It shows his work in his confined place with plenty of creative activities. His published books in English with and with Strategic Book Group. Besides, the poet has also created authentic art, he writes about as painted poems and vice versa with literature. In this intellectual and passionate dualistic space, his creativity blooms. The artist will endevour to have an english-dubbing soon available.


Working Place of ZG, artist & poet.

In this confined place, I have created my Journal Poetry and some interesting novels, published on BoD-Books on Demand, Norderstedt.

Besides, when the artist’s groove overrides, many paintings and drawings.


Love Below the Sea

(ZJG Poems to Artwork of ZG)

The tired sun drowns

Its sorrows

Wine-red beads of

Drunken tears

Pearls of love upon

The Nereid’s hips

Sunken treasures from

The deep

Secret thoughts reflect

In myriads of patterns

And souls commute

Every night

To Poseidon’s translucent

Highly lit concert hall

Dancing  singing

Festive floats

Converge and fuse again

To open  close

Turn loose

Tightening their lyra’s


Into sets of magical

Chain lit lantern plays

Across the Med’s expensive


And perform drowned soul’s


Until the break of dawn.