Heiner – Meeting of the geriatric

Friends for life: Like Kurti & Elisabeth

Or Liesl – remembrances as kids in

Camp Theresienstadt – incredible

Lives and becoming successful

The poet thought of Mischi & Jolli

When nobody could pronounce

His name – so the nickname.

Talking about a szüz girlfriend –

Times when we were in love and

Being their first paramour- we still

Treasure them

Never forgotten but the poet sore

About Mischi, who promised to be

Back last summer for our walk

In the Viennese Woods

As we used to as young lovers…

I waited – he told Mr T

She didn’t even send me Email

As she usually did.

Now then…I couldn’t find out

How she would have enjoyed sex

With me

After so many years – 49 years!

Would I not have looked forward

To this experience?

I’m sure we both would have.

What happened?

As she doesn’t answer her Email

I must assume she had given up

On intimacy

Or her digital world has taken

A beating. Pity. I don’t know

Anybody in Cologne who could

Act as a courier.




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