This Thursday Morn’

This Thursday morn‘ I woke up

Thirsty and got up

Walked to the kitchen

Opened the top cupboard and

Grabbed a glass

Filled it with Viennese water.

Mhh. Tasty. Perfect. What a treat!

Proudly the mayor of the city

Acclaims Vienna to be the best

City in the world.

No doubt about the spring water

Quality –

The public transport system

With a chance for pensioners to

Pay monthly for a greatly reduced

Yearly ticket. Well done, Vienna!

Besides the malls to amble about

In the core of the city:




Naschmarkt/ Rochusmarkt –

Beisl, Bistro, Eateries, Restaurants,

Argentinian Steakhouses,

Galleries, Museums, Parks and

Walks along the Donaukanal

Chilling out at Tel-Aviv-Beach

Even in winter, now, check-it out.

Site-seeing bus on a city tour.

Coffee houses:

Café Central, for queuing up,

Café Hawelka for the history of

Vienna modern art,

Café Korb for Apfelstrudel

Café Landtmann-Sigmund Freud’s

Favourite haunt,

Cafe Museum-Canetti’s meeting

Place with his collocutor.

Everywhere you’ll turn:

Mozart and Klimt, probably en gross

Commercially abused

Schubert and Schiele

Tuned-up again

Mahler and the Opera house

Human tragedy, gigantic composer

Schönberg, Berg, and Webern,

Triumvirate of 12-tone music.

But then –

Between a Sachertorte with cream

And an Einspänner

Calories are neglected.

This Thursday morn’ I enjoyed

A glass of Viennese tap water

Thinking of all the people

Short of any water.

Back to the drawing board


Count your blessings and draw.

Oh! This dark red-purple rose

Is just fantastic

My Muse received for her birthday.

Look at this: She’s nine and the poet

Will be eight

There are lots of favourable numbers

Between the artist and his Muse

This Thursday morn’.



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